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August 20, 1959     The News-Examiner
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August 20, 1959

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!i Wardboro News " 3u17 E4ghill las vetuamed of- tea- spea,d,irg ,two month with her sister, Mrs. Ezm, est Blaadi,ng, of North Hol;lywood, Calfoca. Mr. arid Ma's. Olive Da,vJs and foJr children of SaR Lalle Cty vLsted from Friday untS1 Su, nd5' a,d Mr. a,n,d r. Er.1 Jeaasen ared two beTs of Ogden, visi'ed Stmd,ay with Mr. a,n,d Mrs. J. C. Jensea a,aad Bishop nd s. D- rid H. Jenen. J'mamT 3ere of Ogden is his gr, anxtpav- ets, the J. C. J.enses. lvs. A. G. iI3eawey of Idaho laltts visited Mr. ard Mrs. J. A. erreT Tuesday. SWISS-GERMAN MEETING The Swiss and German people of northern Utah and southern kiaho are holding their annual convention oa August 30 at 2 p. m. in the Logan 10th-19th ward meetirg lmuse at the corner of IWILL SERVE IN L. D. S. !WESTERN STATES MISSION I Edir G,uyon,, son of M'. and i M'rs. Wend'ell Guyon of Monepel- I - , ze,r, ,has recerved :a call ,t:o serve m ,he Western, Shates missi0 with hoa, dqu, arters in Dewter. Guyon wa,s born: August 9. 1937 i,n M,ontpel,i,er, ,atlended gral,e schools m Nampa and Mordpeier, a,ni was gradu, at'ed from Montpelier high school .a,n,d L. D. S. Semi, harT )n May, 1955. He en,list, ed in the Navy in Juan,e, 1955 anfd atterded G,le3t ,La,lces Trairirg Cen,ber for 44 weeks. He was assigned to ,t:he USS Browson and served wLth he Sixth Fleet in, Novfletm Europe ard Medit,evra-an a:nd '.Middle ast areas. He ws dis- charged m, o,ulT, 1958 ,a:l a- ,te4e Bigh,aan Youaag Univer- sity the past year. He enters the, rrgssmn home i,n Salt Lake Cty August 31. A testimorfial is scheduled or Stmda?, Atgust 30 at 7:30 p. m. the Mtpelier Fourth ward urder the direction, of Bishop THE NEWS-EXAMINER - MONTPELIER, IDAHO HOLD SUCCESSFUL MIA l .o,D s,ow00 ,Bear Lake Memorial t Hospital Notes Road Show of District 40 was successfully held Frida7 m the. \\;. Mcm't:pel'ier hgh school au,tor-! The fll'owm,g 25 ps en- ium. !tered ,te Bav Lake Mnorl As the shows t.his year were i Hastal the past week: on. a, competitive basi,s the : lrtald Peterson of Mompelier. WALTONS TO MOVE TO POCATELLO TO RESIDE Wendell Walton, local agent for Interstate Motor Lines for nearly 16 years, is being trans- fered to Pocatello. His new du- ties, which are in the nature of a promotion, will be in the oper- atiorts department. judges, who were 1ud in .their 'm,edical, August 13: discharged. Mr. and Mrs. Walton and chil- praise of the even,t, wexe ch,aag-!August 14. i dren, Bruce, 18, Gary, 15, and! ed to select a "superior" I Wa,tex Lews Bewley of M't-iPaul. 14, have secured a resi- Bmh ,the Aften First Ward show. petier, mirror surgea'y, August dence in Pocatello, and Bruce "MIA In June" and the Montpel- ' 14: discha,rged, A.u'gust 14. I will attend Idaho State College. ier Second Ward show, "Bear i, Mrs. Wal, ter W.rl of Pais. Mr. Walton. a former member I ~ " "SU La, ke Sea,ons, were ra,ted -ij&r surgery, Augtt 14. . :of the Rotary. dub, is a member' perior." Mrs. Carl Ball,iT of', Wil'f0,rd Roberts of La, rmrr,,i r of c mmea'ce i ...... of the chamhe o . Preston aad red C. Ad,a,ms minor mju,nes m ear avc, rs Walton has been -m-loved were the ju'dges, iAu " s '" " w . .e v gust 15, d i.h, arged, Attgu t [ at the J. C. Penney store. "Excelletn" ra.ings wen t 1"16.. I Mr. and Mrs. Tom Gaynvr the Mon,tpelier Fi.rst Wavd's[. San,a Oehrle.m f Mon't.- have made arrangements to rent show, "Hole. in the Wt3l';" Mont- er, minor mu,res m car acea- [ th^ ,,,-^- h "" ' Cuth pehvr Fh, "A Gypsy's Dream," l aem, August a: mseaarge, ^ , a,nd Tha3-ne Wd, "Gege i August 15. II 7th street. Washin,gtn's B.ithdaT PavW." Robert Padoro of MrtpeLi rrecoJ^'r,ru .cec The ra,d sh.w progravn` [ ma', inJUries m irlustrial aeca- } e,-,m "r e'raoT Which ferrml was held during I denCt. August 15; 4isclrged, I .............. the wi,ter mont,hs, h,as in 1959 August 16. Farmers Who wish to put crop- become a part of the MIA sum. IAaaa Ricks, da,ugMer of llnd in the Soft Bank s 1960 mer program. As a resu:, Ida. Merl.a Ricks ,f Pocatetlo, medi-tCnseaon Reserve must ask :ho, St Vatlle.y and Mortpelier  col:, August 15; discharged, Au- the county ASC committee to set Fifth East and Eighth North. Dmfle Atthaj. PTesidert Henry D. Moyle of the t stakes, which ave large staltes m !gust 16. LDS ",Fk'st Presidency will be i yodeling and Swiss films will be 'area, each held two evenings of I Ka, ihleen Cu.rrtis of CokevJ_lle, the main speaker. On August 29 } given in the same ward meeting i, nterestig, wel-pla,ned sws. rmajer surgery. August 15. The district fesfi, va, l was the eul- Mrs. HazTy Ha, ner of Dayton, at 8 p. m. a program of skits, i house, min,ation of ,te season, t Utah, medical, August 15; dis- i l .... iOINOL-E-00-WS ? cla,nged, Auut 18 I . . , Tommy R_h. san of Dr. arid Mrs. Reed J. Rich of Monpelier, Imedical, August 16: discharged, DON'S RADIO & T V REPAIR * ! Mrs. M,ax ,Lyn visid M. iAugu 18. " I Genn DaTtan af Dingle, anl Mrs. Joseph 3emsen at Cke"meSical'i BETTER TELEVIEWlNG AS CLOSE AS YOURPHONE. vi,le Sund,ay. Aalust 16; discharged, '  I August: 19. W Mrs. Joe Jeasen f Mortpelier M's. Reed Haft of Moth,pelter, CALL 0181R GEORGETO N v her pave,n, ts, lr. and Mrs. Imair stwgery, AuguSt 16. ' Leslie Nate, Mordra!y. I Jason Ki,n,n, ey, son f Me. i M,rs. ,Davel Ki, nn, ey of Mantpel- 90-DAY WRITTEN GUARANTEE. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bird of.let, mia,ar surgery, August 17; Paris v'ere dhmer guests of Mrs. !discharged. Au, gust 17. Ed] Nowla,rd Mondas'.  Willaaa G. Johson of Geoae- town, m,ediea!l, Atgu 17; ds- " " Mr. an,d Mrs. Delm, an Kunz Cla-ged. Au,gust 19. offered for the Conservation Re- visited the Jon IAnfords in Ray- Papal Hanem of Cokevflle, serve, the rate will generally be SPECIAL SALE mond. / med,i'cal. August 17. set 10 pet cent higher than the i Ernest Ev,a,n of Malad. bu,nslrate for ordy part of the eligible I Mr. and Ms. Leslie Nate, Mr. !n .ind.usta-al' cckle, August  land. 1200 HEAD One Brand Yearlings ]a,nd Mrs. Ralph Morron. of 17. After the basic rate has been} IM,a,d,isn. W.i,scnsm, Ma-. and, Lesli, e Ha.3es of Creorgetom. determined, the farmer may l SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 5 - tMrs. Joe Je,nse,n, M!r. a,nd Mrs. medical.. August 18. apply for a contract at any fig-i ONE OF. THE LARGEST CONSIGNMENTS OF Carl,es N,ae, Mr. and Mrs. I I,. Dean Perkins of Mont- ure below the basic rate estab- ONE-BRAND CATTLE EVER SOLD AT {Russell No're a,nld rs. Edith !peli, er,. mirador s,rgery, August fished for th land offered in the AUCTION IN WYOMING I Nawl,:In,d hazel din,er at Fish ;119. t request for rates. If necessary, STOCKER AND FEEDER SALE ]Have,n Sundia% i 3tdy George, chgMer of ta prirRy system  be used {Don George of Monpelier, min-it o determine which offers are Tuesday, September 8 } Mx. ,and Mrs. Lee Ktmz aaad;or saza'gery.. August 19. HORSE SALE Mr. a.d Mrs. Leslie Nae have i Births {accepted. Contracts under Conservation roturred ,vom a  to Laurel, I Gml to M,r. aad Ma's. Oral Reserve may run for as long as Tuesday Night, September g aa where hey viii'ted Mr. 1Tirnk of Men,, August 10 years. During the time of ANNUAL BUCK SALE . ALL BREEDS Ktmz's ,skier, rs. Hugh Phelps, 13. the contact, the farmer will re- Monday, Sepmber 14 ar Mr. Phelps. They returned I "Boy o lVr. awd Mrs. Wner ceive an ammal rental payment 'by way of Yellowa0one Park. Kulielve f Pars, Augant 15. on the re,cawed land for the life ANNUAL 4-H AND FFA BABY BEEF SALE   Girl to Mr.'arnd Mrs. James Saturday Night, August 22 i Mr. and Mrs: B'ill RobLan o i H$cks of Moa, i,peler, August 16. of the to.tract, and he also will ] Boausa a, aaI Mr. an ! Boy to Mr..d M. James receive coetharing help in ANNUAL CALFSALE, S00 CALVES ALREADY ASSIGNED [Mxs. C. O. 'MeDanId- ad sOiBeghohn of Nna,nAugust 16. eseablishing am approved can- . Tudly, Oeltber 20 It-y of Slhrevept, l_fisi,aaa.) Girl to Mr. aa,d Mrs. DeVerl servation practice. 10th ANNUAL BULL SALE - 85 HEAD RANGE BULLS [spine te week ead tih Mr. ipvd of Paxis, Agust 18. For Idaho, the basic per acre [d Ma. ,De.l,main Ktmz. Mr., Girt to Mr. ,aa',d Mxs. W,lter rate of payment une rtlm 1960 Monhmy, Novem]ir  [d Mrs. Ktm aad so, Karl, too-!Gmt.'m, (ff .Mtpeen, Agust 19. Reserve is $14.50, the same as Ibored ,as x s Yl'owstnel under the 1959 program. The RIVEnTOHw.o.,.o., XUCTIOH ,o... ,acreage goa, far the LtVESTOCK ,zett .home. I CARD OF THANKS state is 66,000 acres, subject to We w ,n0-ledL---- eondeatn and recommeoda- t m , ;. wu, ...... * o, mmittee AUCTION COMPANY M. and Ma's. Mi.Rr Note, cepest gra,tude, th rzm] ex-,faun tytae stateAc co. . HOWARD WIGHTMAN - AUCTIONEER Gege Na,te, Mr. aci' rs. E,d-tpresskms of Kwig ess mad 1 Phone Rivertoa UI.6-3367 %:axl Smedley and Mr. md Mrs. 'Symlty exrdcl to us by i Dick Jonley of Salt Lake City Gl'e Lyort wet to Salt I_ke kbors a faSeals dai, ng recently became the LRah state Cty Mon,ch,j where i.nrment  illness, ad followg .the Junior Amatem" Gol Champion. :: "" " : of Mva. Bti N@te was hd. de:d. f  mcter. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. ANOTHER WRESTLING ., ..,.,.,,ut..-*... ! [] EVENT IS PLANNED Mrs. lederk E. Ne.,..,,,. I I j Ann0unclng  Ma.y ve,stliln,g fas lave m, zd a-equests , sea  tg texma ' 1 --I l -- .... ' wres event n ,on, _ ., m m _.  ,a d Lym,  For really great spoil.., go match maker ad I I " from Evmaslxm to a'rae such i r fr. This   bee : : mlted, am fans , ee plev } and : WELLING GRAIN ELEVATOR : of action i,s what Saex wih, : : GO! of hp TV perfwznecs by ,ta- ! | | g  , tw t 1 __,  w I ::: N0: O.?na no R m:eivino Grain -- o -- i mm f Ue eye are  : Spm:n rang In Wheat and Barley: o, oiatllala Ill.laPFUl e []  first ,V2 ee t I UA Vllh HIlHb ! l chive s Bleae2vs will be I ri4l lily lllVllS$l 1 ar   more I mdlllOPP lhl4PB l d a good, fast Kwy card s " MFi BUll IP m sm-ec au ho  , I u'inm.--I m-u--. m T oa ' The All-New The Smart : : " " Nl ,, is sskst:ia the Mose Lodge av 'The ride, the thing.., and you get a smooth, fun-filled m Open from 7 a.m. until Late at ght I     /1' one with a Cushman Motor Scooter. In addition, you '     ' i get distinctive body styling; rugg-" constlmctio for safety and service; and new mechanical adwmces. Fa- m  i 'Wlzleed, Aut 26 a, the i mm Cudamen Husky 4-eyde engine delivers speeds of WELLING GRAIN ELEVATOR l '  " gallonUP to 0 miles per hour;for low-ct operation.travela up to 100 miles per . Meoe 14l in, Monllv -- I BUSY BAKERS CLUB MEETS Ask for a FREE demonstration ride West of Union Pacific Tracl -" e y mk H  ,---...-..---- .....- Jensen Wood Motor Co " I I their moea 0o fl eaton foe -- H DALE AUSTIN - MANAGER . t  * z1.. I  i  z t the 1 hame 4{15  4h - Telel 27 IIllll:.IIllIIIIIIIIIII  av  me  , ,, Thursday, August sd iiiii: WH.'S T.E i i BEST PLACE TO BUY A USED CAR? *Every A-1 Used Car is inspected,, reconditioned if ne. sary, and road-tested. And they re warranted in wri by the exclusive new Performance Protection Policy! cars with the A-1 sticker at your Ford Dealer's Used OEx Shopping Center. SEE PAGE 8 FOR t. I:ORD DEALEP, a basic annual rate per acre for the offered land, Harley Coeh- SI ran. chairman aft 1-re Bear Lake 00USED CJ00R County Agricultural Stabilization BI and Conservation Committee,  said today. The period for ill-! ECTE P p usting such requests is from A.g-[24 through September 10. No [ L'' D ONDmON,D RO.D-.D WARR. such requests will be accepted[ after September 10. ! In seting the basic annual per [ acre rate for land offered, the I county committee will take into consideration the productivity[ of the hand and the rate will be I limited to e local fair rental l | value of the land based on the crops harvested from it during the past 5 years. 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